Hear from customers and read Lucid Smart Pill reviews.

Hear from customers and read Lucid Smart Pill reviews.

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Lucid Smart Pill Testimonials

I take lucid to give me an edge on days when I have extra work and important meetings. With Lucid there is no feeling of 'coming down', as happens with caffeine based stimulants and I do not even feel stimulated; I just feel sharper, and more focused. I highly recommend it.

Gillian K.

Academic Writer and Publisher

“Running a multi-million dollar and fast paced company, focus and results are a must. I use to rely on 2-3 coffees a day to get me through, but with Lucid, I power the through the day without any jittery side effects. Lucid has been a game changer for me.“

Katie I.

General Manager, Sydney Tower Eye

“After taking Lucid, I noticed a heightened state of awareness, a crisper feel to my environment and enjoyed an uplifting connection with close friends. Along with the productivity, the aspect of Lucid I enjoyed the most was certainly the heightened social awareness, openness and connection.”

Francesca C.

Operations Manager, YCL Jewels

"I took my first Lucid Smart Pill when I had back to back meetings in New York. I felt like I absorbed more information and my productivity was higher. I was more attune to my surroundings and Lucid put me right in flow and I was able to sustain being in that zone all day!"

Mark S.

Entrepreneur and Director, Babylon Lifestyle

“I tried Lucid for a few days on an overseas trip when I had several deliverables, all with tight deadlines. After taking Lucid, I powered through the work with an increased focus and intensity that was required to get the job done fast and done right."

Mike D.

Senior Executive, Pharmaceuticals

“I’ve used a lot of cognitive enhancers; some good and some bad. I’ve taken Lucid from the very beginning and have found it keeps me sharp & alert for the majority of the day with no side effects. I highly recommend for someone who needs extra focus.”

David S.

Founder, Sparrowflights.com

“Within 15 minutes of taking the Smart Pill, there was a noticeable uplift in energy and alertness. The mind felt clear and powerful, with a strong sense of motivation alongside. It felt easy to dive into work and stay focused.” 

Nootrolist.com, March 2017


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Lucid Smart Pill

4.0 out of 5 stars
Mitch D - August 1, 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
Michael M - August 1, 2017
4.0 out of 5 stars
Liam P - July 17, 2017
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74% of customers said they experienced improved memory, productivity or communication skills when taking Lucid.

Source: Customer Survey (October 2016)

Lucid Smart Pill Case Study

We sat down with Lucid customers, Francesca and Mark, to chat about their experience with Lucid Smart Pill. Read below for their own personal Lucid Smart Pill review and see how Lucid positively impacted their day, helping them fulfil their potential.

What do you do?

Francesca: I’m a third year medical student.

Mark: I work in corporate recruiting.

Before Lucid, how would you increase your focus and productivity?

Francesca: I usually exercise before and after work. In the mornings I take multi-vitamins and have a coffee. I’ve also tried other cognitive enhancers in the past.

Mark: I train after work and of course, coffee is part of my morning ritual.

What time did you first take Lucid, and how long did it the effects last?

Francesca: I took Lucid at 6:00 am and felt the effects for a full day!

Mark: I took my first dose at 7:30 am and it wore off around 6:00 pm that evening, so a working day.

Describe what you felt when Lucid first kicked in?

Francesca: I was studying, everything felt more vivid. It didn’t feel like a rush of energy, but I did notice fuzzy thoughts were gone and I could concentrate better.

Mark: I was analysing data at the time and I felt more focused.

Could you list some of the positive effects Lucid had on you?

Francesca: I completed more work that day. I was more focused and creative and generally felt better.

Mark: Yes I was more focused!

Could you describe how Lucid changed the way you went about your day?

Francesca: I certainly got more done without getting fatigued. I was incredibly chatty with friends after completing a work day, and the conversations were extremely enjoyable.

Mark: I was more diligent with my tasks and felt like I just flowed through work.

Out of ten, how likely are you to recommend Lucid to a friend or colleague?

Francesca: I’ll give it a 10! I’ve already shared Lucid with my friends.

Mark: 9 for me.

Francesca Costa
Francesca Costa

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