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A pill designed to sharpen your focus and lift motivation.

Single packs now shipping for US$4. Order yours today.

Lucid Trial Pack

A pill designed to sharpen your focus and lift motivation.

Single packs now shipping for US$4. Order yours today.

Lucid Trial Pack
Lucid Trial Pack

A pill designed to sharpen your focus and lift motivation.

Single packs now shipping for US$4. Order yours today.

Free shipping on all orders!

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What is Lucid Smart Pill?

Lucid is a take-when-needed supplement; a cognitive enhancer designed to help you perform at your peak for a full working day, making you feel sharper and motivated. The general effects last for up to 8 hours. Lucid is also allergen free, gluten free, purity tested and vegan friendly.

Does Lucid work?

Yes! We regularly receive wonderful messages about how Lucid is helping people fulfil their potential. To read some genuine customers reviews, click here. We’ve shipped Lucid to over 25 countries around the world, with over 20,000 Lucid Smart Pills being sold to date.

How may Lucid help?

Sharpen Focus

Get in the zone, and stay there, for a full working day.

Feel Motivated

Tackle new challenges and speed up problem solving.

Get More Done

Power through your day without coffee or energy drinks.

Improve Mood

Get that positive vibe and enjoy your day at work.

Lucid vs Coffee

It’s no secret that coffee helps you wake up in the morning, but what happens when the coffee runs out? Drinking coffee can cause you to have jittery peaks and unproductive crashes throughout the day. That’s why Lucid’s constant flow of focus can help you stay in the zone from dusk to dawn.


How do I take Lucid?

The product comes in capsule form which you take orally, the recommended dose is 3 capsules in the morning or before prolonged periods of work, study or focus.

What is a Single Pack?

Lucid is currently available in single dose ‘Single Packs’. Each Single Pack offers you a chance to try and love Lucid ahead of the launch of our 10-dose Pods. Each Single Pack includes the recommended dose of 3 capsules and we encourage you to share with friends and colleagues.

FDA Registered Nootropic Manufacturer
GMP Compliant Smart Drug
Made in USA - Lucid

Customer Reviews

Katie Isaac
General Manager, Sydney Tower Eye

“Running a multi-million dollar and fast paced company, focus and results are a must. I use to rely on 2-3 coffees a day to get me through, but with Lucid, I power the through the day without any jittery side effects. Lucid has been a game changer for me.“

Francesca Costa
Operations Manager, YCL Jewels

“After taking Lucid, I noticed a heightened state of awareness, a crisper feel to my environment and enjoyed an uplifting connection with close friends. Along with the productivity, the aspect of Lucid I enjoyed the most was certainly the heightened social awareness, openness and connection.”

Mark Sarian
Entrepreneur and Director, Babylon Lifestyle

"I took my first Lucid Smart Pill when I had back to back meetings in New York. I felt like I absorbed more information and my productivity was higher. I was more attune to my surroundings and Lucid put me right in flow and I was able to sustain being in that zone all day!"

Mike Daly
Senior Executive, Pharmaceuticals

“I tried Lucid for a few days on an overseas trip when I had several deliverables, all with tight deadlines. After taking Lucid, I powered through the work with an increased focus and intensity that was required to get the job done fast and done right."

A peaceful nights rest and #fuel to dominate today.

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“You are what you eat.”

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Lucid Smart Pill is produced in accordance to the highest manufacturing standards in an FDA inspected & Good Manufacturing Practices compliant facility in the USA. The capsules are made in an controlled environment, then tested for purity and contamination prior to final production. Our unique packaging & labelling ensures a pharmaceutical grade and GMP compliant product.