Introducing Lucid Smart Pill. 

Introducing Lucid Smart Pill. 

It was on a trip to San Francisco that my love for coffee finally ran out.

After years of drinking espressos, flat whites and cappuccinos, I decided that there had to be a better product to aid my productivity. So I, along with the team at Lucid, commenced work on creating a cognitive enhancer that would give people the sharpened focus and the boosted motivation they need.

Before I go into details, first I’d like to introduce you to the history of cognitive enhancers. More than a thousand years ago, the Chinese discovered something fascinating – they converted the plant Bacopa Monnieri into a drink and found it offered brain boosting benefits. A couple hundred years later, the green tea trade started and the second stage in the realm of cognitive enhancers was discovered; caffeine.

Since then, around the world people have gravitated towards the cognitive enhancing products and plants that offer then an edge, a mental boost and a moment of clarity. In the 1970s, famed Neuroscientist Dr. Giurgea gave classification to synthetic and natural cognitive enhancers for the first time, calling them Nootropics.

What are Nootropics?

Nootropics are ingredients, compounds and plant-derived substances which alter or improve your cognition. The earliest known usage of Nootropics being the Chinese brewing of the Gingko Biloba thousands of years ago – a practice still undertaken today in many western societies.

The most prevalent Nootropic we consume today is Caffeine. It has been used by people for centuries to enhance their cognitive ability and lengthen the duration of which they can work, play or focus.

Fast forward to the present day and Nootropics consumption around the world is booming. Caffeine-based drinks, energy drinks and easy to take supplements such as Lucid Smart Pill are giving people the opportunity to think clearer, be productive and maintain their focus.

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“Within 15 minutes of taking the Smart Pill, there was a noticeable uplift in energy and alertness. The mind felt clear and powerful, with a strong sense of motivation alongside. It felt easy to dive into work and stay focused.”

–, March 2017

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We’re the Betterment Business

Lucid came out of my decade-long journey dedicated to improving how I worked and the quality of my life. After working with a large FDA-registered manufacturer in the US, creating countless combinations of nutraceutical & Nootropic compounds, we developed a formula which had a positive impact on focus, motivation and cognitive ability, no matter the circumstances.

We started sharing it with colleagues, pharmacists and other business owners. Everyone who tried Lucid demanded more, we knew it was time to scale up and share Lucid Smart Pill with the wider community. More than a year on, we’ve shipped over 25,000 Lucid Smart Pills to over 25 countries, helping countless people fulfil their potential.

Introducing Lucid Smart Pill

Our supplement, the Lucid Smart Pill, is a take-when-needed cognitive enhancer designed to sharpen focus, increase mental agility and motivate you towards achieving your goals.

The effects last for up to 8 hours and the product was designed from the ground up in collaboration with FDA-approved manufacturers to be a superior alternative to coffee.

Lucid was specifically formulated through trial over time to significantly improve motivation, cognitive ability, mental agility, and focus. It comes in capsule form which you take orally, the recommended dose is 3 capsules in the morning or before prolonged periods of work, study or focus.

What are the benefits of Lucid?

Sharpen Focus

Get in the zone, and stay there, for a full working day.

Increase Mental Agility

Supercharge cognitive output & problem solving.

Improve Memory

Store and recall more throughout the day.

Lift Motivation

Feel positive and achieve more in your day.

74% of customers said they experienced improved memory, productivity or communication skills when taking Lucid.

Source: Customer Survey (October 2016)

Fulfil Your Potential

If you have ever needed extra motivation or sharper focus, then Lucid could be right for you. Luckily, we ship Lucid worldwide meaning you can get Lucid Smart Pill today. We’re sure that after your try Lucid you’ll look back on today and be glad you decided to try it. Oh, keep an eye for a discount coupon on our website too, it’ll make ordering Lucid even better value!

Aaron Weller
Lucid Group Limited

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Want to try Lucid? Order yours today.

Customer Testimonials

Gillian K.
Academic Writer and Publisher

I take lucid to give me an edge on days when I have extra work and important meetings. With Lucid there is no feeling of 'coming down', as happens with caffeine based stimulants and I do not even feel stimulated; I just feel sharper, and more focused. I highly recommend it.

Katie I.
General Manager, Sydney Tower Eye

“Running a multi-million dollar and fast paced company, focus and results are a must. I use to rely on 2-3 coffees a day to get me through, but with Lucid, I power the through the day without any jittery side effects. Lucid has been a game changer for me.“

Francesca C.
Operations Manager, YCL Jewels

“After taking Lucid, I noticed a heightened state of awareness, a crisper feel to my environment and enjoyed an uplifting connection with close friends. Along with the productivity, the aspect of Lucid I enjoyed the most was certainly the heightened social awareness, openness and connection.”

Mark S.
Entrepreneur and Director, Babylon Lifestyle

"I took my first Lucid Smart Pill when I had back to back meetings in New York. I felt like I absorbed more information and my productivity was higher. I was more attune to my surroundings and Lucid put me right in flow and I was able to sustain being in that zone all day!"

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