How to Improve Focus with Vitamins & Supplements

Who would win in a stare-down match? You, or a Goldfish named Spike? Believe it or not, Spike has the upper hand in this duel.

In the previous two decades, a human’s average attention span has decreased by 4 seconds. Scientists believe the direct cause lies in our overuse of the modern technology. Back in the year 2000, our average attention span was 12 seconds. Today, an average human being is capable of maintaining focus for a grand total of 8 seconds.

Spike’s attention span, as an average goldfish, amounts to a total of 9 seconds. This means that your silent, cold-blooded pet has a longer attention span then we do. That’s scary isn’t it?

The good news is – while your average goldfish cannot do anything to improve their focus, you can absolutely enhance your concentration various ways before you face Spike in a rematch. What could you do to improve your focus? A proper diet will certainly help you to be on top of your game. Well, vitamins, and focus vitamins, to be more precise.


What Are Focus Vitamins?

Maintaining a healthy and well rounded diet has many well studied benefits. But when you’re choosing groceries, you should also keep in mind that your brain has its own needs and craves. And if you don’t feed your brain, it may start eating itself.

It’s true! When you’re not minding your daily intake of vitamins, autophagy kicks in (brain cells start eating other brain cells) and your focus, and your energy, ultimately suffers.

Here is a list of powerful and natural focus vitamins that might help you take Spike down in the next round.


Peak Mental Performance

What would your life be like if you were more motivated, your thinking were sharper, your attention more focused, and you had endless mental energy to burn?

The right cognitive supplement can do that. And that means you can go longer, get more done, and achieve your goals.

We’re very careful about anything we recommend. It must be effective, evidence-based, and safe.

Mind Lab Pro is a smart pill, specifically formulated through scientific research over many years to significantly improve motivation, cognitive ability, mental agility, and focus.


Vitamin C | The Mood Booster

Found in: Peppers, Broccoli, Kiwi fruits, Citrus fruits, Tomatoes, Papaya
Recommended daily intake: Up to 90 milligrams

Vitamin C improves muscle function and your immune system; and a regular consumption can be beneficial as a means of prevention for cancer, asthma, and many other illnesses. It helps you absorb iron and even stimulates repair of the body’s tissues.

But did you know that vitamin C also boosts your serotonin? It’s a natural antidepressant! A study confirmed that people who were taking their antioxidants regularly showed higher level of happiness when compared to test subjects who didn’t.

So when you’re feeling down and unmotivated, know that a fresh orange contains everything you need to chase the blues away.


Vitamin B3 | The Focus Enhancer

Found in: Green Beans, Potatoes, Asparagus, Eggs, Cheese
Recommended daily intake: Up to 35 milligrams

A plate of green beans a day keeps the heart surgeon away! That’s maybe not so true, but what is true is that vitamin B3 is vital for your heart functions, it’s good for your cholesterol, and it can also help prevent cancer and diabetes.

The thing that we find particularly interesting is the fact that Niacin is also used in treatment of depression and anxiety, as well as in treatment of patients with Alzheimer’s. B3 is also a focus vitamin which stimulates concentration, improves memory, and it’s even a good cure for a mild headache.

NASA’s findings actually suggest that B3 might be out of this world. Quite literally.



How Vitamins Affect our Brain

Vitamin B6 | The Dopamine Trigger

Found in: Soy, Watermelon, Banana, Avocados, Tuna, Beef, Poultry
Recommended daily intake: 1.3 to 1.7 milligrams

More than 130 countries produce bananas, and this fruit is by far the most popular in the whole world. The reason for this phenomenon is quite simple – they make us happy. The reason why bananas tend to do that is because they trigger our dopamine.

Bananas, watermelons and avocados are all great natural sources of B6. But this component isn’t only good as a depression remedy. Lack of this vitamin may cause confusion and memory loss.

So if you have a lot on your plate for today at work, make sure to have a banana by your side to lift your spirits.


Vitamin B12 | Memory Amplifier

Found in: Milk, Cheese, Eggs, Shellfish, Crab, Fortified Soy Products
Recommended daily intake: 2.4 to 2.8 micrograms

Cobalamin, or vitamin B12, plays a key role in the formation of our blood cells. This makes eggs, milk and other dairy products very important for a proper development of the brain. It’s important for the babies, and if you need a memory amplifier, a tall glass of milk might just do the trick.

B12 provides you with that soothing, relaxing kick that you get after a good breakfast. However, this focus vitamin is also very beneficial for your nervous system, focus and memory. Deficiency of B12 may cause fatigue, tiredness, and believe it or not it’s almost epidemic, so get your glass of milk on the regular.

Also, this vitamin is very beneficial for your sense of orientation. And if you usually like to stay away from dairy products, go for some alternative sources, like shellfish, liver and red meat.


Omega 3 Fatty Acids | Cognitive Performance Uplifters

Found in: Oysters, Sardines, Anchovies, Caviar, Chia Seeds, Walnuts
Recommended daily intake: 250 to 500 milligrams

Omega 3 Fatty Acids are the Holy Grail of vitamins. You need these fatty acids for your sight, your heart, your liver fat, and the list goes on. However, the reason why it found its way on our list is, naturally, because Omega 3 is also highly beneficial for your cognitive functions.

Proper intake is beneficial for both kids with ADHD and for the older people fighting with alzheimer’s and mental decline. Some studies suggest that these acids are more powerful than Prozac, and even directly affect your brain size.

But what concerns us the most is the fact that Omega 3 Fatty Acids are highly beneficial for our attention span, and ability to complete tasks. So let’s go and see if we can complete our mission and win that stare-down match against Spike the goldfish.

Or, would you be interested in getting an extra boost as well, just in case? Let’s see if there are any supplements for focus that we could use to improve our cognitive functions even further.


The Very Best Focus Supplements

If you don’t want to cook in order to enhance your cognitive functions, or if you need an extra boost that your vitamins cannot deliver, there are a few focus supplements that you should be aware of.


Acety-L-carnitine (ALCAR) | Super Brains

Produced by: Your body

A very powerful supplement, which is also popular due to its reputation of being one of the fastest acting focus supplements available. ALCAR helps long term memory and concentration as well. And quite a few studies confirm that this supplement is highly beneficial for people suffering from severe mental conditions.


Sulbutiamine | Super Body

Produced by: Japan

This focus supplement actually originated in Japan, where it was used as a remedy for chronic fatigue. This fat-soluble nootropic is capable of giving your body a whole new wave of energy when you’re feeling exhausted, and has the added benefit of having a positive effect on memory. It has been shown to help with anxiety and depression.


Citicoline | Super You

Produced by: Cell membranes

Citicoline is the ultimate focus supplement. It enhances focus and memory, incites confidence and determination, it’s also very effective sidekick if someone is struggling with ADHD, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and is also very important for your brain health overall. Citicoline functions by improving oxygen flow to the brain, making you more awake and focused


Even if it is just a stare down match against Spike, but, let’s be candid for a moment – we could all use an uplifting boost a focus supplement provides from time to time even if it’s only to get through our daily work!

As Plutarch said – The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.

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