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Find Your Peak With Gamma Wave Meditation

Your brain is the most complex organ in known universe. In fact, it’s so complex that neuroscientists only recently discovered a fifth brain wave called a Gamma Wave in the early 1990s. The highest frequency of all, Gamma Waves have been linked to increased mindfulness, enhanced cognition and better wellbeing. You can learn more about the 5 brainwaves and how they work in my previous article.

The Gamma Wave, a frequency pattern of normal brain activity that measures around 40 Hz in humans, were unknown until the development of digital EEG (electroencephalography) recorders. Today, neuroscientists are discovering the significant positive effects on the brain when it produces the Gamma frequency. Studies have shown that when Gamma waves are frequent in your brain, they perform a full sweep action which travels throughout all of the lobes. This action makes the Gamma state one of peak mental and physical performance, also known as the Flow State.

How Gamma Waves Benefit Your Brain

  • People with higher Gamma activity are naturally happier and calmer.
  • Gamma waves are present and assist with REM sleep, so get some rest!
  • People with high gamma activity have exceptionally vivid and rapid memory recall.
  • Senses are heightened when the brain produces gamma waves. For example, your sense of taste and smell sharpens, creating a richer sensory experience.
  • With increased Gamma, your brain processes sensory information faster and more fully with greater sensitivity; creating and storing highly memorable experiences.
  • Gamma waves allow the brain to process incredible amounts of information very quickly, remember it, and retrieve that memory later.
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The Shortcut to More Gamma: Meditate

It’s no secret that meditation reduces pressure and invokes a sense of ‘oneness’ and calm thoughts. But did you know that along with taking Lucid Smart Pill, meditating daily can also sharpen your mental abilities?

By learning to meditate, and doing it daily, you may increase the amount of Gamma activity in your brain. It’s as easy as playing some relaxing, atmospheric music and gently guiding yourself into a relaxed, quiet state. Once you’re in the meditative state, your brain and body is completely relaxed and Gamma wave activity increases.

7 Steps to Gamma-wave inducing Meditation

1. Sit tall

The most common and accessible position for meditation is sitting.  Sit on the floor, in a chair or on a stool.  If you are seated on the floor it is often most comfortable to sit cross-legged on a cushion.  Comfort is key.  Now imagine a thread extending from the top of your head, pulling your back, neck and head straight up towards the ceiling in a straight line.  Sit tall.

2. Relax your body

Close your eyes and scan your body, relaxing each body part one at a time.  Begin with your toes, feet, ankles, shins and continue to move up your entire body.  Don’t forget to relax your shoulders, neck, eyes, face, jaw and tongue which are all common areas for us to hold tension.

3. Be still and silent

Now that you are sitting tall and relaxed, take a moment to be still.  Just sit.  Be aware of your surroundings, your body, the sounds around you.  Don’t react or attempt to change anything.  Just be aware.

4. Breathe

Turn your attention to your breath.  Breathe silently, yet deeply.  Engage your diaphragm and fill your lungs, but do not force your breath.  Notice how your breath feels in your nose, throat, chest and belly as it flows in and out.

5. Establish a mantra

A mantra is a sound, word or phrase that can be repeated throughout your meditation.  Mantras can have spiritual, vibrational and transformative benefits, or they can simply provide a point of focus during meditation.  They can be spoken aloud or silently to yourself.  A simple and easy mantra for beginners is to silently say with each breath, I am breathing in, I am breathing out.

6. Calm your mind

As you focus on your breath or mantra, your mind will begin to calm and become present.  This does not mean that thoughts will cease to arise.  As thoughts come to you, simply acknowledge them, set them aside, and return your attention to your breath or mantra.  Don’t dwell on your thoughts.  Some days your mind will be busy and filled with inner chatter, other days it will remain calm and focused.  Neither is good, nor bad.

7. End your practice

When you are ready to end your practice (5 – 30 minutes), slowing bring your conscious attention back to your surroundings.  Acknowledge your presence in the space around you.  Gently wiggle your fingers and toes.  Begin to move your hands, feet, arms and legs.  Open your eyes.  Move slowly and take your time getting up.

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Meditation and the Flow State

With the strong link between meditation and the flow state, professionals and time-pressured people are turning to meditation as a pathway to reaching their flow state more often, whether it be at work, at home or on the sporting field. The benefits of daily meditation are well documented too, in a survey over in  the community, people who meditated for at least one month reported:

– 75% said meditation improved their focus at work

– 90% learned skills that they could apply to other areas

– 73% experienced spiritual or emotional changes

Neuroscientists have also studied professional athletes and artists during peak performance and discovered similar levels of Gamma activity when compared to medication. The key takeaway here is to truly immerse yourself in what you’re doing and be passionate about it, this driven and wholesome approach may just increase your Gamma levels and get you into that holy Flow State.

In case you couldn’t tell, we at Lucid are passionate about body betterment, neuro-enhancement, productivity & focus. To be kept up to date on any other blogs or infographics, add yourself to our community mailing list.
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