7 Ways to Stay Productive this Festive Season

December is the perfect time to celebrate over drinks, great food and good times.

However, as many of us get a week or two off over the Christmas break, others have to push through on company projects or manage their own businesses. So, how do you stay productive with all of the distractions going on?

Whilst it’s tempting to put your project, business or personal development on hold and reach for the bottle of wine, there’s actually many ways to remain focused and driven over this busy Christmas schedule.

Here are my 7 tips the staying productive over the Christmas break, I hope you enjoy!

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Tip: Keep your daily ritual

For eleven months of the year, you may have a regimented and efficient morning ritual. However during the festive season, it’s easy to fall out of this routine and into bad habits; quickly. Keeping your routine consistent across the festive season and into the new year, might help you maintain your energy levels, focus and priorities. If you feel in shape and sharp, you’ll feel productively upbeat.


Morning Ritual - Lucid Smart Pill

Use your daily ritual as a source of energy.


Tip: Start or continue to write down your weekly focus

It’s quite easy to be invited out to team lunches, family dinners or club gatherings over the festive season. So keeping a daily Ledger of short tasks to do may be a little difficult to abide by.

That’s why a weekly focus list may help you to realistically set your goals for the week without feeling the pressure to complete them today. This means if you do end up at the pub with some friends on a Wednesday, you won’t feel guilty about failing to do that thing you had sticky-noted to your monitor earlier in the day!

Tip: Place more value on everyone’s time

For many, work demands will come in ebbs and flows this month and therefore some might feel the brunt of December deadlines more than others. So over the festive season it pays to respect each other’s time. If you so if you do need to book a meeting with a colleague or set aside time for a task, ensure that it guarantees positive outcomes for everyone involved.

Tip: Celebrate the wins at work

It’s very easy to get caught up in the Christmas spirit by celebrating with-one-too many wines and cheese platters. Although this combination is great for the soul, it may not always be great for productivity!

If you’re a manager or leading a team, it is healthy to maintain a positive drive and focus as your team heads into their holiday break. So celebrate those important work wins and reward your team with a pat on the back and an accolade, it may just give them an extra boost of motivation and further lift the holiday spirits.

Tip: Keep feeding your mind

Have you ever returned from a long break from work and forgotten how to do your job? Guilty. This is almost akin to skipping the gym for a few weeks then wondering where your fitness has gone! (Oh, it wasn’t the fast food and Coronas?). In my view, this is why it’s beneficial to continually feed your mind during the quieter days.


Amazon Kindle - Lucid Smart Pill

Keeping your brain active will do wonders for when you return to the office.


Try reading a personal development or work-related book, plan for the the coming month or reflect on projects from the year and ask yourself, “how could I have improved that?”. Keeping that free flow of ideas to your mind will ensure you maintain a pleasurable balance of relaxation and preparation for the weeks ahead.

Tip: Be drinkwise and have a hangover hack

If you’re the type to indulge in a few drinks over the festive period, then learning how to curb those hangovers is key. Everyone has their own mystery concoction and I’m no different!


Hydralyte - Lucid Smart Pill

Hydralyte, my personal hangover hack. 60% of the time it works every time.


A wise man once told me the ‘one for one’ method, where you consume one water after every alcoholic beverage. A wiser man once told me that sometimes things just get a little out of hand! That’s why I always keep a chilled litre bottle of Hydralyte water in the fridge for when I get home. It replaces the electrolytes and minerals in your body lost from excessive drinking. My head swears by it the next day!



Tip: Discard the new year’s mindset

The perpetual marketing tool used by gyms and health bloggers worldwide, the new year’s mindset is quite a dreadful one indeed. If you think that basing your lifestyle and health choices on the name of the month sounds ridiculous, it probably is!

Keep your resolutions to yourself and simply step up with a strong goal for this week, what we all should aim for is the aggregation of marginal gains, not a January of failed promises!

That’s it from me this week friends. If you have some festive season productivity tips of your own, tweet to us at @lucidsmartpill or comment on our Facebook page.

In case you couldn’t tell, we at Lucid are passionate about body betterment, neuro-enhancement, productivity & focus. To be kept up to date on any other blogs or infographics, add yourself to our community mailing list.
Hendrik Kruizinga

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