17 Podcasts That’ll Make You Smarter

On average, people listen to podcasts for 4 hours and 10 minutes a week according to Edison Research. Evidently, it is one of the most popular types of content a modern-age human consumes!

If you’re ready to broaden your horizons, check out the list of podcasts on technology, work, startups, food and future we’ve selected for you. Enjoy the list!

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1) This Week in Tech

By far the most popular source of tech news on the web. Hosted by the lovable Leo Laporte, you get the chance to join the leading minds of the tech world in a roundtable discussion on the latest trends. The majority of episodes begin with the introduction of the panelists and their latest projects or work. The spontaneity of the highly educative discussion is what viewers highlight as this show’s best feature, so check it out and see whether it’s something that could be of interest to you too.

2) Note to Self

While the majority of tech-themed podcasts target geek/nerd community, this NYC-based podcast is definitely an exception to the rule. Self-proclaimed as “the tech show about being human”, it is a collection of stories which appeals to a much wider audience. You’ll get answers some of the day-to-day questions like What Do Txts Do To Actual Writing or Should We Post Photos of Our Kids Online. There’s a new episode every Wednesday, so make a note to self to check it out and see what they have to say on some of the 21st century dilemmas.

3) The Wired UK

From more serious topics (for instance, the ethics of in vitro meat), to a bit trivial, but extremely fun and informative podcasts (which can even discuss news of a government–sanctioned jetpack licence in New Zealand), The Wired UK is a weekly dose of scientific and technological trends one should not miss out on.


Podcasts for Work

4) The Tim Ferriss Show

This podcast has rightfully earned the title of the #1 business podcast on all of iTunes. Each episode focuses on defining tools, tactics and routines of world-class performers from business, investing, sports, art, etc. and their aim is to inspire you to implement these methods into your business life too. Some of the most notable guests include Edward Norton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Amanda Palmer, Tony Robbins and many more.

5) The School of Greatness

A best-selling author and lifestyle entrepreneur, Lewis Howes, started The School of Greatness to share his own stories, as well as stories of the most brilliant minds from the world of business and sports, motivating you to dig deep, find the greatness in yourself and become a better entrepreneur tomorrow.

6) Being Boss

Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon created this podcast for aspiring entrepreneurs who are seeking practical advice on how to become the best professional version of themselves – how to be brave, how to schedule, express the best part of themselves in their brand… Needless to say it is a must-listen podcasts for anyone looking to run their own business.

7) The Art of Charm

If you’re about to dive into entrepreneurial waters, you’ll greatly benefit from this particular podcast that’ll teach you how to become a better networker. Overall, you will be presented with techniques you can use on a daily basis to get the most out of your work, as well as family life; get more respect from your colleagues, team and friends, as well as tips on how to create deep connections with anyone you meet on your way to success.


Podcasts for Startups

8) This Week In Startups

Jason Calacanis, an entrepreneur turned investor, publishes an interview-based podcast twice a week with some of the most influential people from startup communities. From Travis Kalanick and Mark Cuban from Uber, Steve Huffman from Reddit, and many others, he managed to inspire young minds world-wide to start businesses of their own, providing them with valuable tactics on the best way to grow their startup.

9) Startups for the Rest of Us

Mike Taber and Rob Walling are two insightful entrepreneurs who host this show primarily for business professionals, developers and designers involved in the software industry. Some of the topics they’ve covered recently include Finding Product/Market Fit, Summertime Productivity Tactics and SaaS Development Shortcuts.

10) 500 – Startup Founders Podcast

Though relatively young, it did not take long for this podcast to take the startup world by storm. It’s run by accelerator 500 Startups and Silicon Valley seed, and it hosts some of the most successful startup founders, entrepreneurs and industry influencers. What makes it so popular is the fact that it usually lasts no more than 24 minutes, what makes it ideal for commuters who are looking to learn something new while killing the time stuck in traffic.

11) Lean Startup

Since 2005, this podcast has been teaching you how to produce high quality, safe, cost-effective and ethical products without going over your budget. Even though certain shows focus mainly on health care, rest assured there are specialised podcasts which list a number of CEO and leadership techniques that will help you become a better entrepreneur.


Podcasts for Nutrition

12) The Psychology of Eating

The world’s leading school in nutritional psychology provides all those who are looking to live and eat healthier. The Psychology of Eating podcast will not just teach you everything you need to know about self-care, but also how to create a positive body image. You’ll find out how to completely transform your relationship with food and nourish yourself in a whole new way.

13) The Archers

Everything you ever wanted to know about farming, growing vegetables, rural economy and technology – The Archer’s is an award-winning podcast set in Ambridge, fictional English village. You’ll get involved in characters’ personal and business struggles to overcome the pressures of a modern rural life. This 21st century podcast will introduce you to a complicated life of an average modern-age agriculturist and the realistic everyday issues they encounter.

14) Spilled Milk

The two writers and comedians who have been focusing their research on food since the previous millennium provide food-related topics on a weekly basis. From an episode that schools you on different types of tea leaves and how to prepare them, to New Zealand junk food; Molly and Matthew spill the beans on everything you need to know about… Well, food in the most general sense possible.


Podcasts for the Future

15) Flash forward

Simply put, it’s a show about a future. Every episode the two speakers take on a specific possible (or not so possible) future scenario. They start with what they call a “field trip” to the future to check out what’s going on and then teleport back to present to discuss with experts how that world would really go down. If you too have a rich imagination that sometimes takes you 5, 10 or even 100 years in the future, join them in their creative conversations based on present-day facts.

16) Future thinkers

Future thinkers is a podcast about the evolution of technology, society and consciousness. The two speakers regularly dive into the psychology behind these topics and discuss some trending stories (relationship with AI right after the release of the movie Her), as well as the evergreen ones (future of education and work). The podcast’s hosts, Mike and Euvie, spent 3 years traveling the world and exploring alternative ideas and lifestyles, and have used this experience to create a show that will join all futurists, geeks and creators in one place to share their opinions on the future.

17) The Long Now Foundation

This non-profit foundation aims to nudge civilization and inspire people to “think long-term”. The podcast features many scientists, entrepreneurs, historians and artists who have set aside the time to teach humanity about responsibility in the framework of the next 10,000 years.

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In case you couldn’t tell, we at Lucid are passionate about body betterment, neuro-enhancement, productivity & focus. To be kept up to date on any other blogs or infographics, add yourself to our community mailing list.
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