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Inspiring everyone to achieve their full potential.

Lucid Smart Pill is available to buy, order yours today.

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Inspiring everyone to achieve their full potential.

Lucid Smart Pill is available to buy, order yours today.

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Lucid Smart Pill is a take-when-needed cognitive enhancer designed to sharpen focus, increase mental agility and motivate you towards achieving your goals.

The Lucid Story

Lucid is the brainchild of Co-Founder Aaron who, while caught up in the fast-paced world of startups, searched for ways to improve his concentration and boost his productivity. Along the way he uncovered a number of focus hacks that helped him think on his feet including regular exercise & time management tricks. But his big discovery was the world of cognitive enhancers.

More than a year on, we have developed a new cognitive enhancer which comes in a simple pill. Inside, the carefully selected ingredients for Lucid occur both in nature and synthetically, ensuring a prime formula which has been designed to offer a safe and effective boost for your focus and memory. Read More →

Who Uses Lucid?

“Running a multi-million dollar and fast paced company, focus and results are a must. I use to rely on 2-3 coffees a day to get me through, but with Lucid, I power the through the day without any jittery side effects. Lucid has been a game changer for me.“

Katie Isaac

General Manager, Sydney Tower Eye

“After taking Lucid, I noticed a heightened state of awareness, a crisper feel to my environment and enjoyed an uplifting connection with close friends. Along with the productivity, the aspect of Lucid I enjoyed the most was certainly the heightened social awareness, openness and connection.”

Francesca Costa

Operations Manager, YCL Jewels

"I took my first Lucid Smart Pill when I had back to back meetings in New York. I felt like I absorbed more information and my productivity was higher. I was more attune to my surroundings and Lucid put me right in flow and I was able to sustain being in that zone all day!"

Mark Sarian

Entrepreneur and Director, Babylon Lifestyle

“I tried Lucid for a few days on an overseas trip when I had several deliverables, all with tight deadlines. After taking Lucid, I powered through the work with an increased focus and intensity that was required to get the job done fast and done right."

Mike Daly

Senior Executive, Pharmaceuticals

“I’ve used a lot of cognitive enhancers; some good and some bad. I’ve taken Lucid from the very beginning and have found it keeps me sharp & alert for the majority of the day with no side effects. I highly recommend for someone who needs extra focus.”

David Shepherd

Founder, Sparrowflights.com

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